Garador Mk3C spring

Part Number: WS249
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Garador Mk3c spring & pulley assembly to suit doors with an overhead springbox (pre-1999). Includes doors by Westland Engineering and Catnic. Note: If you springbox does not have a removable cover it is not recommended to carry out repairs, and a new box unit should be purchased instead.

30ins long spring (Original spring number/ markings)

  • PN58 markings 1 x Silver
  • PN167 markings none

36ins long spring (Original spring number/ markings)

  • PN57/1 markings 1 x blue band
  • PN55/2 markings 3 x blue band
  • PN56/1 markings 2 x blue band
  • PN108 markings 2 x Orange band
  • PN115 markings 2 x silver band
  • PN150 markings none
  • PN155 markings 1 x Orange band

Please see spring table to determine spring number required.

It is always recommended to replace springs in pairs, so that the door remains balanced.


Additional Information

Part Number WS249
Product Weight kg
Number of Coils 240 / 276
Spring Diameter (mm) 26
Spring Length (mm) 762 / 914
Spring Wire Diameter (mm) N/A
Unit quantity Each
Door width Single
Manufacture Guarantee 1 year
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Dispatched same day if ordered before 3.00pm

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products were very good and fitted easily
Spring Finder Table

Spring identification chart

Clicking on the spring strength number will automatically transport your chosen spring to the grey drop down box and provide a cost (without delivery).  If you're happy with this, simply click 'add to basket' and proceed to checkout.

Door width measurement is shown first in table


S T E E L    D O O R S

Width x Height

Georgian/ Elite

Beaumont/ Elite

Cathedral/ Elite

Carlton/ Elite

Salisbury/ Elite

Horizon/ Elite

Chevron/ Elite

Parade White/Brown

 6'6" x 6'3"  -  -  -  PN58  -  PN58  -  -
 6'6" x 6'6"  PN167  -  -  PN58  -  PN58  PN167  PN167
 6'6" x 7'0"  PN167  -  -  PN58  -  PN58  PN167  -
 7'0" x 6'3"  -  -  -  N/A  -  -  -  -
 7'0" x 6'6"  PN57/1  PN55/2  PN55/2  PN58  PN55/2  PN58  PN57/1  PN57/1
 7'0" x 7'0"  PN150  PN155  PN155  PN55/2  PN155  PN57/1  PN55/2  PN155
 7'31/2" x 6'4"  -  -  -  PN57/1  -  PN56/1  -  -
 7'5" x 6'3"  -  -  -  -  -  N/A  -  -
 7'5" x 6'6"  PN55/2  PN55/2  PN55/2  PN57/1  PN155  PN56/1  PN55/2  PN155
 7'5" x 7'0"  PN108  -  -  PN150  PN108  PN55/2  PN155  PN155
 7'6" x 6'6"  PN55/2  -  -  PN57/1  PN155  PN57/1  PN55/2  N/A
 7'6" x 7'0"  N/A  PN155  PN155  N/A  N/A  N/A  N/A  N/A
 7'81/2" x 6'3"  -  -  -  N/A  -  N/A  -  -
 7'81/2" x 6'6"  PN150  -  -  PN55/2  -  PN155  PN55/2  -
 7'81/2" x 7'0"  N/A  -  -  PN155  -  PN55/2  PN155  -
 8'0" x 6'3"  -  -  -  N/A  -  N/A  -  -
 8'0" x 6'6"  PN150  -  -  PN55/2  PN150  PN115  -  -
 8'0" x 7'0"  PN108  -  -  PN155  PN155  PN150  -  PN155
 8'21/2" x 6'3"  -  -  -  N/A  -  N/A  -  PN108
 8'21/2" x 6'6"  -  -  -  PN150  -  PN55/2  -  -
 8'21/2" x 7'0"  -  -  -  PN155  -  PN155  -  -


F I B R E G L A S S    D O O R S










 7'0" x 6'6"  N/A  PN55/2  PN55/2  N/A  PN55/2  PN55/2  PN55/2  N/A
 7'0" x 7'0"  N/A  PN55/2  PN55/2  N/A  PN55/2  PN55/2  PN55/2  N/A
 7'5" x 6'6"  N/A  PN155  PN155  N/A  PN155  PN155  PN155  N/A
 7'5" x 7'0"  N/A  PN155  PN155  N/A  PN155  PN155  PN155  N/A


T I M B E R     D O O R S


Chevron Cedar
chevron cedar

Vertical Cedar
vertical cedar






Horizontal Cedar
horizontal cedar

 7'0" x 6'6"  PN57/1  PN57/1  -  -  PN55/2  PN55/2  PN55/2  PN57/1
 7'0" x 7'0"  PN55/2  PN55/2  PN55/2  PN55/2  PN155  PN155  PN155  PN55/2
 7'5" x 6'6"  PN55/2  PN57/1  PN55/2  PN55/2  PN55/2  PN55/2  PN55/2  PN57/1
 7'5" x 7'0"  PN55/2  PN150  PN55/2  PN55/2  PN155  PN155  PN155  PN150
 7'6" x 6'6"  PN55/2  PN55/2  PN55/2  PN55/2  PN55/2  PN55/2  PN55/2  -
 7'6" x 7'0"  -  PN55/2  -  -  PN55/2  PN55/2  PN55/2  -