WS Garage Door Spares Product Range

Here are WS Garage Door Spares we stock a wide range of spare parts for residential garages, from all the major door manufacturers dating back to the 1950s. Every day, garages around the country will fail due to general wear and tear, accidents or misuse and we have components and accessories to solve every problem. Many garage door professionals will push people towards getting a complete new door, which can be very expensive, whereas most doors can be easily repaired quickly and cheaply even for the non-DIY-enthusiast!

We've made buying from us as straight forward as possible, but even if you are not sure which product you require, we have a dedicated team on hand to assist in selecting the correct part to get your garage door working like new as soon as possible.

In addition to repairing a faulty component on a garage door, we also offer a large variety of additional accessories and devices either to improve the security of your garage or the ease of use, and even the latest high tech gadgets on the market.

Explore The Range!

Please explore the interactive garage door image below - clicking on the hot-spots will allow you to the reveal the most common garage door spares and their location on the garage door.  Please see the key below which indicates each of the products and provides a link to the relevant product page to allow you to order the part you need quickly. (For example, click on the spring image to see the full list of garage door springs)

Cone & Cables Locks & Handles Springs Spindles & Rollers Handsets