Garage Door Repair Frequently Asked Questions


How do I identify my garage door?

The most common question we are asked here at WS Garage Door Spares is how to identify the make and model of door.

The first port of call is to look on the lock and handle on the outside of the door - this will often have the manufacture's name or logo written on it. If there is nothing on the handle, the next place to look would be on the inside of the door for any labels to identify the door. The most common manufacturers of up-and-over garage doors are Hormann, Garador, Cardale and Henderson. If you cannot find any identification on the door at all, you can always email us some pictures of the door and we may be able to help identify it.

Please note: If the door is electrically operated, the motor may not be the same make as the door, particularly if it was fitted at a later date to when the door itself was installed.

Garage door lock with keys
Garage door lock with keys


Garage Door Locks

All of our locks and lock cylinders come with a set of keys. However, we are not able to supply additional or replacement keys for any locks. This is largely down to security reasons, as if the key has been mislaid it is safer to change the lock. In additional to this, in the case of many older doors it is no longer possible to obtain replacement keys anyway.

 Garage door lock with keys


Garage Door Remote/Handsets – Why isn’t it working?

Over the years, we have noticed that our customers refer to garage door remotes in numerous ways; handsets; door remotes; key fobs; and even button boxes! However you refer to them please be aware that all remote control handsets must be tuned in prior to use, otherwise we would all be able to open each other's garage doors! 

It is easy to tune a new remote – and all of our remotes come complete with easy to follow, step-by-step fitting instructions.  If you need more help with tuning your remote please contact us on 01704 532 360 and we will be happy to help.

 hand set


Garage Door Springs – Individual or Pairs?

Our springs are sold individually.  We highly recommend that you replace springs in pairs but we respect your decision to replace one spring if you so wish.  The reason why we recommend replacing springs in pairs is because if one spring needs replacing, it usually indicates that the other is not far behind!  If one spring is replaced, the weight of the door will be unevenly distributed and the new spring bearing most of the weight of the door (as one spring will be stronger than the other). 

When the springs are replaced in pairs the weight across your garage door is evenly distributed.  (We compare this to replacing tyres on a vehicle)

If you need a spring but aren’t sure which one you need, why not use our Spring finder table?  The table should allow you to easily identify which spring you require.  If you have any doubts and would prefer to check with us first before ordering please contact us on 01704 532 360 so that we are able to help.



Identifying handed parts, for example Garage door link arms?

Garage door arms may be fitted to the left or the right of the garage door, depending on which arm needs replacing. 

In order to know whether or not a left or right arm needs replacing simply stand inside your garage, facing your door and identify which side has the broken arm.  Most of our arms come with a small ‘L’ or ‘R’ embossed onto the metal for ease of fitting. 

We do recommend replacing garage door arms in pairs for the same reason as replacing springs in pairs. (To ensure that the weight of the garage door is evenly distributed).

door arms 


Fitting Instructions

With the exception of our self-explanatory spares, most of our products have fitting instructions available online to view and download. Please visit our Fitting Instructions page for a full breakdown of what we currently have available. If there's anything not listed in the fitting instructions, give our technical team a call and they'll be happy to offer any advice they can.

fitting garage door spares


Having spare parts fitted by a professional work person.

We strongly recommend that you do not book a professional work person prior to the delivery of your spare parts.  Sometimes, delays to deliveries and unforeseen circumstances may mean that orders are not available for fitting when required.  To avoid disappointment, we always recommend that you wait until your spare parts have been delivered before booking a professional work person to fit the parts.