Garage Door Technical Information

Garage Door Gear Mechanism Types

UK & Europe

Canopy door gear (up-and-over)

  • For garage doors of up to 8ft wide
  • Is named a 'canopy gear' because one third of the garage door panel protrudes out from the framework when fully opened forming a ‘canopy'
  • A torsion spring above the garage door panel and cables at the side are used to lift the door
  • Canopy gear is used with light-weight steel doors that weigh less than 45kg
  • Canopy gear provides the full drive through width of the opening unlike a retractable garage door gear
  • Canopy gears can be used with remote controls but a bow arm converter (WS298) would also be required
Canopy Door Gear

Retractable door gear (up-and-over)

  • For both heavy single and double garage doors
  • Called a retractable garage door because the door fully retracts when the door is open (does not protrude)
  • Side spring are used to lift the garage door panel
  • Horizontal steel tracks run across the top of the garage and rollers are attached to each corner of the door. The rollers run along the tracks when the door opens. The tracks support the weight of the door when opening
  • When using a retractable gear mechanism the 'drive through width'  is reduced slightly when the door is open as the lifting arms / springs are positioned inside the subframe (this should be taken into consideration when ordering the gear)
  • May be easily converted for use with a remote control system
Retractable Door Gear

Sectional gear




Roller shutter



Tilt-a-door gear


Sectional gear


Rolling door




United States

Tilt door gear


Sectional gear


Roller shutter