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Garage door cables to replace or repair snapped or frayed cables or an existing up-and-over or sectional garage door. To suit most UK manufacturers of garage doors, including Garador, Cardale, Henderson, Wessex and doors supplied by Wickes and B&Q. Always replace both cables at the same time. Some garage door cables are supplied with the pulley and drum to operate.

The cables are often the most common part to fail on the garage door, usually due to general wear and tear or the door not being opened correctly. If your cables begin to look frayed or worn, it's time to think about replacing them before they snap.


Replacement cables are usually fairly cheap, although our new cables should last you for many years. We can also supply some tools to assist in the repair job. The wire cables are usually located down either side of a canopy garage door and support the opening and closing of the door. We also stock cables that form part of the locking mechanism on the back of the door. Replacing the cables can significantly improve the operation of your garage door, and it is also worth considering replacing the roller spindles at the same time to have the door working just like new!


If you don't know the model of door you have, the cables can often be identified by the shape and/or colour of the plastic cones located at the top corners of the door. If you need any help on how to replace your garage door cables, please feel free to contact our technical team who will be happy to help.



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