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Garage door springs to repair broken or worn springs on an existing up-and-over door. The springs are one of the most common garage door spares to fail over time, due to the amount of work they do. We can supply garage door springs to suit most UK overhead garage door manufacturers, including Garador, Cardale, Henderson and Wessex. The spring(s) on your garage door do all of the heavy lifting when opening your door, so it is important to make sure they are in good working order. If you're noticing your door becoming increasingly heavy to lift, then it is time to think about replacing the springs before they break! Not sure which spring you need to order to replace your broken garage door spring? Contact us or use our handy 'spring finder table' below to match up against the dimensions of your existing spring.

SPRING FINDER TABLE - Use your measurements to find the best match. Measure the spring length over the coils, the outside diameter, number and thickness of coils, along with any distinguishing colours or features to find the closest match.


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