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Garage door locks & handles to replace a broken lock, a worn handle, or if you have lost your garage door keys on an existing up-and-over door. To suit most UK manufacturers of garage door including Garador, Henderson, Cardale, Wessex and doors supplied by Wickes and B&Q. If you have lost your garage door key, replace the lock or barrel to secure you garage door. For additional garage door security please see our security products.

The garage will often targeted by burglars, so it is important to keep your garage door secure and locked. If you lock is damaged, or your keys are lost and stolen, we have a fantastic range of replacement locks, door handles and garage defenders available to repair your up-and-over garage door. In addition to this, we sell all of the most popular additional security locks on the market to keep your belongings safe inside your garage. Many people store expensive tools, vehicles or equipment inside their garage, so keeping your garage locked and secure is a worthwhile investment!

Most locks and barrels are straight forward to change, and shouldn't need to help of a specialist locksmith, provided you have access to the garage. All of our locks are supplied with keys. Finding the correct lock for your garage door is often aided by the name being embossed somewhere on the handle or the facia itself. It is important to match the brand where possible to your existing locking handle, but more important is to measure the distance between the fixing screws to ensure it matches the existing holes on the face of the garage door.

A broken lock, or a damaged handle on your garage door can leave your garage - and by proxy your house - exposed. Similarly if you have lost the keys to your garage door, you don't know who may have found them. You should replace any damaged part of the lock or locking mechanism as soon as possible to keep your garage secure. We stock a wide range of locks and handles to suit most UK manufacturers of garage door, from the present day stretching back decades, so no matter the age of your door we should be able to supply a suitable replacement.



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