Canopy Garage Door Gear
Canopy Garage Door Gear

Canopy Garage Door Gear

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Canopy garage door gear is ideal to replace the damaged or tired gear on an old door where the existing gear, or parts of, are now obsolete. The advantage of canopy door gear over retractable door gear is for use on narrow doors where the springs would otherwise protrude at the side of the door, lessening the usable width of the door.

There are also less mechanical parts, so it is a cheaper alternative than retractable gear, on lightweight doors.

Please note that the door size must match exactly the door mechanism ordered. As there is no adjustment for the width. If your door is a non-standard size, please contact us, as you will require a custom door torsion spring.

Canopy garage door gear includes:

  • Overhead torsion spring
  • Cones and cables
  • Roller spindles
  • Side channels
  • Link arms

Please note that whilst the spring assembly is supplied pre-tensioned, this may need to be adjusted depending on the weight of the door.

This product is suitable for doors weighing up to 40 kg (90 lbs) and up to 8’6” wide.

Canopy door gear types:

  • Standard: this gear is supplied with 'traditional' spindles and rollers, with a large roller wheel for smoother operation.
  • Anti-drop: this type of gear is a more modern version of a canopy door gear with the additional safety feature of 'anti-drop' type rollers, which will stop the door from slamming shut should the cables or spring fail.

What is a ‘canopy garage door'?

A canopy garage door is a single piece up-and-over door where the door itself overhangs the opening by around one third of its height when fully open.

The door mechanism consists of a single overhead torsion spring, with cables and cones - or pulleys - to lift the door.

Optional extras:

  • Cable lock pack: our cable lock pack provides a 3-point locking system for your door, with an outside T-handle and internal lever handle to allow the door to be opened from inside the garage.
  • Multi-purpose oil: Keeping the door mechanism well-oiled is highly recommended to prolong the life of the moving parts on the door mechanism and to protect it from rust. Our light oil is ideal for use with garage door mechanisms, so as not to clog the gear up with grease and dust.
  • SOMMER Aperto: Canopy-style doors can be electrically operated, although they require an extra component called a 'bow arm converter' to achieve this. Add our operator and bow arm bundle with your order to give you everything you need to get up-and-running with a 550N force motor by a leading German manufacturer.
Fitting Instructions

Click the PDF icon to open the printable fitting instructions

Canopy Door Gear

The springs may be under tension at certain points during this operation. Please follow instructions carefully to avoid injury. This installation must only be performed by a mature adult.


Wear protective gloves and eye protection. Two persons may be required for this operation.

Brick work opening should be framed with good quality timber with minimum size of 70mm x 70mm. Frame must be square and plumb in both planes.

The door gear mounting channels and steel "top" weather strips will need to be attached to each side of the rear face of the door.

Top weather strips have a "D" shaped tab at the widest end to act as a location against the side of the door and are handed LH/RH.

Position the widest part of the weatherstrip to be level with the top edge of the door, ensuring that "D" shaped tab is firmly against the vertical edge of the door.

Make sure that the short vertical edge of the lower end of the weather strip is flush with the vertical edge of the door which will result in the weather strip overlapping the edge of the door by approx. 19mm.

Mount door gear channel on top of the weather strip such that corresponding holes line up.

If you have fitted correctly, the bottom end of the channel containing the wheel, should be level with the bottom of the weather strip and the outer side of channel flush with the vertical edge of the door.

Now insert free end of door arms into main support bracket tubes until the end hole is exposed and secure using split pins provided in screw pack. Ensure legs of split pins are bent over sufficiently to prevent pin from working loose. The RED cone and CROOK pin should be to the right hand side.

Carefully lower spring assembly onto back of door.

Remove the two jamb channels taped to spring and place to one side for use in step 6.

Remove transit plates and screws securing spring assembly and carefully lower assembly onto back of door.

Wedge door squarely in the timber framed opening to maintain a 10mm gap at the top, bottom and sides (if tolerances vary greatly from that stated, adjust frame to suit).

Prop door in place with suitable pole to secure whilst fitting.


Fix spring support bracket central to opening (or in line with spring loaded lock catch if fitted to door) using 3No 22mm wood screws supplied.

If spring loaded lock catch has already been fitted to top of door, ensure that the gap between the bottom of the spring support bracket and the top of the strike plate is 15mm.

Raise spring assembly and place spring into support bracket (slightly bend bracket downwards to ease passage of spring, then back up to original position) then place looped end of cables over roller wheels and locate of spindles, ensuring that the cables pass down the back of the cones directly to roller spindles.

Before fixing spring assembly main support brackets ensure that the nylon cones do not foul adjacent brickwork or any other obstructions which would prevent their rotation.

Position main support brackets flat against frame head with arms hanging parallel to door edges, then drill 5mm pilot holes in centre of slot in top of brackets. Fix with M8 x 60 coach screws and washers provided in screw pack.

Check to ensure that arms are still parallel to edges of door and that cones are not obstructed.

Check that left hand bracket is held just against white cone and adjust if required.

Drill and fit coach screws into bottom slot in brackets as above. Make sure coach screws are tight.

Engage jamb channels around roller wheels so that wheel face just touches inside back face of channel. To set height position, take angle "KICK" plate and locate step under roller spindle with upstand behind spindle.

Line bottom hole of jamb channel with top hole in "KICK" plate and secure to timber frame with wood screws provided in screw pack. Now plumb channels and insert fixing screws centrally in top of slotted hole.

Check that cables are within the jamb channels with the looped end engaged in roller spindle groove. Ease spring tension by pulling down on right hand side cable whilst removing crook pin from support bracket above. Allow tension to return and release cable first ensuring that the cable is not fouled by the jamb channel or door weather strip.

IMPORTANT - Ensure that when both cables are under tension, the cables are located in the outermost groove of the cones on spring assembly.


Open door slowly and check that the cables wind correctly onto cones without "cross-threading" and that the door operates with the door side rollers running freely up and down within the jamb channels. Adjust if necessary, finally fitting screw into centre holes of channels ensuring top & bottom screw are also tightened.

Fit rubber weather strips to timber frame upright using galvanised clout nails provided, such that strip overlaps door by 10mm.

IMPORTANT - Securely fit 20mm x 20mm timber batten to the underside of the outer edge of the frame head. This ensures that door opens only to correct height as well as providing a top seal.

After installation, lightly oil spring, lock catches and all moving parts.

Repeat oil regimen every 6 months or sooner if circumstances dictate.

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