Safety Cable Cover
Safety Cable Cover
Safety Cable Cover
Safety Cable Cover
Safety Cable Cover
Safety Cable Cover
Safety Cable Cover
Safety Cable Cover
Safety Cable Cover
Safety Cable Cover
Safety Cable Cover
Safety Cable Cover
Safety Cable Cover
Safety Cable Cover

Safety Cable Cover

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Safety Cable Covers/floor wire protector have a unique design that allows easy removal or addition of cables via the top of the cable cover. Unlike others, our cable covers that we sell are all 100% environmentally friendly and are made from toughened material that is extremely durable. The cable covers are designed to prevent trip hazards by covering trailing wires inside durable trunking.

Product size:
  • Overall size 90mm (w) x 20mm (h)
  • Available in 9 lengths

The kit includes:
  • Safety Cable Cover (Length specified by the customer, supplied in multiple 1m lengths)
  • Top cover (supplied as one continuous length as per overall kit length)
  • Double Sided Adhesive Tape
  • Fitting Instructions

This product is protected by a Community Design Registration (002108811).
Fitting Instructions

It is important to follow the fitting instructions below to ensure the best results from your cable cover. Cable covers should be fitting by a person over the age of 18. Due care and attention should be taken during fitting and when stepping over the safety cable cover. 


Tools Required

Tape measure

Sharpe scissors / Stanley knife

Hacksaw (to cut to length)





Ensure that the surface that the safety cable cover is to be attached to is clean and free from dust and dirt. 



  1. Lay the cables in the gap on the top of cover to determine the length of strip that is required. Add additional lengths together if required. If multiple lengths are used, ensure the notches on the underside of the cover are aligned correctly. 
  2. First, with a pencil mark the length of the cables on top of the strip. Using a ruler and pencil draw a straight line to indicate where the cables will fit. Using a hacksaw, cut the strip to size. 
  3. Turn the strip over and apply the double-sided tape along the length. Ensure that the tape is bonded securely by running your thumb across the length (NB: DO NOT REMOVE THE BACKING PAPER FROM THE TAPE AT THIS STAGE). 
  4. Turn the strip back over and position where it is to be secured to the floor. Turn the strip over again and remove the backing paper from the tape. Place the strip in the required position. Push down firmly across the length of the cover to ensure it is secured to the floor (if multiple lengths are to be used, align and repeat steps 1 - 4). 
  5. Insert the top cover into the strip using a "pinching" motion. With a pencil, make a mark on the top cover where it meets the end of the strip. Lift the top cover away from the strip. With a pair of scissors, cut the top cover to the required size. 
  6. Place cable into the groove along the top of the cover. Starting from one end of the cable cover, lift the cables and wrap them inside the top cover. Pinch the top cover to hold the cables in place. Using the same "pinching" motion, fit the top cover into the groove. 
  7. Ensure the loose cables are raised to prevent them from getting tangled when the top cover is inserted. Continue to secure the cables into the strip until they are fully encased and the top cover fits flush with the strip. Push down firmly on the top cover to ensure that it is locked in position and flush. Tidy away any uncovered cables. 
Additional Info

Number of cables that fit inside the cable cover
•    4 x 4mm (OD) Cables
•    3 x 6mm (OD) Cables
•    2 x 7mm (OD) Cables
•    1 x 9mm (OD) Cables
•    1 x 13mm (OD) Cables

The product material
•    The Safety Cable Cover is made from high quality thermoplastic that is both environmentally friendly and recyclable. 
•    Unlike rubber this material is odourless and has a non-slip finish.

Ridged thermoplastic strip            
•    The ridged thermoplastic strip has a smooth satin finish and a ridged non-slip finish.

Soft flexible thermoplastic top cover
•    The top cover is made from a soft flexible thermoplastic allowing it to be pinched together and can be easily pushed into the base cover.
•    The cover is supplied in a continuous length enabling the sections of the thermoplastic strip to be butted together creating a seamless length.
•    The cable cover allows multiple cables to be encased inside the strip.

The hazard warning lines
•    The cable cover has three yellow lines which run along the length of the top section of the cover alerting to a potential floor hazard.

The base of the product 
•    The cable cover has been designed for an acrylic double-sided adhesive tape to be attached on to the base of the cable cover this will fix the cable cover to carpet, wooden or tiled floor. For a permanent fixing the product may also be screwed to the floor.          

•    The cable covers can be used to go around corners by cutting the ridged and flexible strips on the angle you choose, then butting the sections up together and fixing to the floor with the self-adhesive tape.


Available kit sizes
The sections of cable cover are available in 9 lengths (See Table below). Cables that need covering and are longer than 1 metre, will be made up of lengths as illustrated in table below. However, the top section of the cover will be supplied as a specified continuous length enabling the sections of the Safety Cable Cover to be attached together creating a seamless length.

Length of cable cover Combinations of section
1 Metre (kit) 1 x 1 Metre length
2 Metres (kit) 2 x 1 Metre lengths
3 Metres (kit) 3 x 1 Metre lengths
4 Metres (kit) 4 x 1 Metre lengths 
5 Metres (kit) 5 x 1 Metre lengths
6 Metres (kit) 6 x 1 Metre lengths
7 Metres (kit) 7 x 1 Metre lengths
8 Metres (kit) 8 x 1 Metre lengths
9 Metres (kit) 9 x 1 Metre lengths

*Supplied with continuous top cover length*

•    Materials are that are used in the Safety Cable Covers are made from thermoplastics which are widely employed by other manufacturers of cable covers, cable trunking and cable management profiles. The grades are all manufactured to meet relevant environmental and chemical legislation of COSHH, REACH and WEEE.
•    Further information is available upon request.

The Design
•    The Safety Cable Covers have been designed and developed by a qualified British Industrial Designer and is protected by a Community Registration (002108811).

The Problem 
Slips and trips in the workplace represent the most common workplace hazard. Annually, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) reports over 10,000 workers in the United Kingdom suffer serious injury because of a slip or a trip. At least half of all such accidents are caused by bad housekeeping. It is all too easy to overlook obstacles such as cluttered walkways, limited storage space and exposed electrical cables. Cables which are not covered may result in an individual sustaining a personal injury and pursuing a personal injury claim.  

The solution 
Good housekeeping is common sense; in an office environment the Safety Cable Cover will help to reduce/eliminate the risk of trip hazards around workstations. The Safety Cable Cover allows up to three electrical cables to be encased inside a thermoplastic strip thus reducing trip hazards and contributing to a tidy environment. The toughened encasing material is durable and prevents damage to cables.     

The yellow warning lines
The three yellow lines on the top cover of the product enable the Safety Cable Cover to be readily identified. Fitting is easy and does not require the tedious ‘manual feeding’ of cables.  The Safety Cable Cover has two components; a rigid thermoplastic strip and a soft flexible thermoplastic top cover.     

The innovative design allows cables to be inserted and removed with ease into the upward-facing rigid surface.  This avoids employing the conventional approach where cables must be inserted to the underneath surface of a cable cover that affixes to the floor. The cable covers are supplied in 9 different lengths from 1 metre to 9 metres.  The unique design allows lengths to be butted up to each other to create longer lengths. The upper soft flexible thermoplastic top cover is supplied in one continuous length thereby ensuring that the lower sections may be butted together to create a robust and seamless length.
Once the cables have been encased, the Safety Cable Cover may be affixed to the floor with double-sided adhesive tape. The Safety Cable Cover allows multiple cables to be encased inside the strip. 

The Safety Cable Cover may be used in any area where trailing cables are found. The cable cover is not only an aesthetic improvement in that loose, unsightly cables are concealed but it also prevents trips and falls over loose and trailing cables. The yellow hazard strips provide a clear safety warning and alert those stepping over the cable cover. The Safety Cable Cover may be used in an office environment to cover computer cables, telephone cables etc. It may also be used in the home, either for a (permanent) specific use (e.g. to cover a computer cable) or for non-permanent use (e.g. when using power tools for DIY, a portable radiator, or an extension lead connecting to another piece of electrical equipment). 

•Storage areas •Clubs and pubs •Exhibition stands •Shops •Offices •Workshops •Commercial buildings •Homes
The Safety Cable Cover is an ideal product to use in areas where visual detection is important.

Delivery & Returns

Delivery Costs

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Weight Cost Delivery Timescale
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