Garador/Hormann 4-button Remote Control Handset 868 Mhz
Garador/Hormann 4-button Remote Control Handset 868 Mhz

Garador/Hormann Remote Control Handset 868 Mhz (Blue Buttons)

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Garador 868 Mhz 4-button remote control used to operate Garador and Hormann branded electric garage door opener, operating on the 868 Mhz frequency with blue buttons (manufactured between 2005 and 2011). 4-buttons can be individually programmed to operate multiple garage doors or gate operators.

The 2-button version of this handset has been discontinued, but the 4-button version is directly compatible.

Note: This remote control is incompatible with earlier remote controls with grey buttons (40 Mhz frequency). Replacement handsets for these earlier models can be found here.

  • Dimensions: 110mm x 38mm x 14mm.
  • Supplied with programming instructions and 12v battery.


Garador Pt No. 437.572
Fitting Instructions

Click the PDF icon to open the printable programming instructions for Garador/Hormann 4-button Remote Control Handset 868 Mhz. 

Garador/Hormann 4-button Remote Control Handset 868 Mhz


Fig. 1 Hand transmitters HS and HSM


b Control buttons

c Battery compartment cover

d Battery

e Reset button

Fig. 2 Extending the remote control set by adding further hand transmitters HS2, HS4 and HSM2, HSM4 or HSE2

Garador/Hormann 4-button Remote Control Handset 868 Mhz

Safety Notes:

  • Keep hand transmitters out of the reach of children at all times!
  • Hand transmitters should only be used by persons who know how to operate the remote controlled door system.
  • Only use the remote control when the door is in your line of vision!
  • Always programme the remote control inside the garage near the door operator.
  • When putting the remote control into operation, use original components only.
  • Protect equipment from direct sunlight.
  • Protect hand transmitters against dampness and dust. If damp is allowed to penetrate through non-observance of the above, the function of the unit can be seriously impaired.
  • Temperature range: -20°C to +60°C.Local conditions may affect the range of the remote control.
  • If the garage does not have a separate entrance, you should carry out any programming alterations or expansion inside the garage.
  • When programming or expanding the remote control set, ensure that no persons or objects are within the door’s range of movement.


Activation of the teaching remote during the learning procedure could set the door in motion if there is an appropriately programmed receiver near to where you are standing!


  1. Hold the transmitter which is to "teach" the code (teaching transmitter) (a) and the transmitter which is to learn the code (learning transmitter) (b) directly alongside each other.
  2. Press and hold the desired button on the teaching transmitter - the LED on the teaching transmitter now glows continuously.
  3. Immediately after having done this, press and hold the button which is to learn on the learning transmitter - the LED on the learning transmitter initially flashes slowly for about 4 seconds, but then starts flashing more rapidly once the learning procedure has been successfully completed.
  4. Release the buttons on the teaching transmitter and learning transmitter.
  5. Check that the transmitters are functioning correctly. If not, repeat steps 1 - 4.


Note: The learning procedure will be aborted if you release the button on the learning transmitter during the slow-flashing period.



  • If you have lost your original remote control handset, or you no longer have a working one then you will need to program your new handset using the garage door operator receiver unit.
  • When carrying out this procedure, it will overwrite all the existing programmed handsets and require you to use the new handset to teach any future handsets.
  • NOTE: The receiver unit and programming procedure may differ slightly depending on the model of operator you have. For some examples please see Garador's Youtube video channel.
  • First locate the receiver unit and locate the programming button. On older units this will be a small red button on the receiver unit, whereas on newer models - such as the GaraMatic 9 or 10 - the button will be marked 'P' or 'Prg'.
  • Press the button briefly, and then take the new remote control handset and hold the button down which you wish to learn the code. The light on the handset should begin flashing for a few seconds before stopping once it has learnt the new code.
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