Garador Mk3c Cables
Garador Mk3c Cables

Garador Mk3c Cables

Part Number:WS021-1
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A pair of high-quality replacement garage door cables to suit doors by Garador (also known as Westland or Catnic) manufactured pre-1999 with an overhead counterbalance springbox (a metal unit located above the door containing two springs). These cables will suit door models Mk3c, Mk2 and S/S types.

  • 6’6” wide doors – as Garador part number 1154
  • 7’0” – 8’2” wide doors – as Garador part number 1155

Note: If your springbox does not have a removable plastic cover, it is not recommended to carry out repairs for safety reasons, and a new box unit should be purchased instead.

How can I identify these cables?

The cables are available in two lengths, depending on the width of the door. There is a plastic eye (originally metal) at either end of the cable. The cables are suitable replacements for any pre-1999 Garador, Westland or Catnic doors with an overhead spring unit. The cables are supplied in pairs.

Only one of my cables has broken, should I replace both?

When one cable has broken it is usually best to replace both sides, so that the door remains balanced, and the cables will be the exact same length on both sides of the door. Additionally after the cables have been replaced it is best to use light machine oil on all the moving parts. This will help prolong the life of the door mechanism.

You can find the fitting instructions on the tab above or by clicking here for a printable PDF version. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we will be able to help you understand the instructions.

I don’t have a removable plastic cover, what does this mean?

If this is a problem you have then for safety reasons we recommend that you do not attempt to replace the cables. This is for safety reasons as the spring box has a couple of parts which could be dangerous to open if it’s still tensed. In this case you will need to replace the spring box first before attempting to replace the cables, however the new spring box should come with the cables. You can buy one with us by clicking here.

I still have some questions, how can I contact you?

You can do so by either calling us which you can do by ringing 01704331705 which will put you through to our customer service team. They will answer any questions you have and will help you identify which parts you need.

Alternatively, you can send us a message via two methods. You can email us at, or by messaging us directly on WhatsApp at 07481342447. If you include any pictures of the cables or whichever part you need we will be able to help you identify it clearly. We will do our best to help you repair your garage door.

    Fitting Instructions

    Click the PDF icon to open the printable fitting instructions for Garador Mk3C Cables. 

    MK3 Cables

    Safety Notice:

    Always wear protective gloves and eyewear when handling springs.

    Step 1

    Remove plastic cover from the spring unit box by sliding to one side.
    Remove any pieces of broken cable.


    Step 2

    a)  Insert one end of the new cable over the pulley wheel mounted in the link arm bracket. Place a stout screwdriver through the eye of the cable. As shown.

    b) Thread the other end of the cable downwards and around the pulley wheel at the end of the spring. Finally fasten eye over the hook mounted on the spring box. N.B. This last operation begins the tensioning of the spring.


    Step 3 & 4

    3) Replace plastic cover sliding it to a central position.

    4) Pull cable downwards until the spring retaining bracket can be located in the socket at the back of the spring unit.


    Step 5

    Pass free end of the cable downward inside guide channel behind link arm. Finally attach eye at the end of the cable to hook on the spindle roller.


    Step 6

    Take up slack wire by pulling cable across the door in the direction of the arrow. Ensure that the cable is snugly bedded in the grooves of both pulley wheels. Pull the cable until the retaining bracket at the end of the spring is released from its socket (it is recommended that a piece of cloth is used between the cable and hand). Some assistance may be required using the free hand to lightly pull the retaining bracket clear of its socket should it not completely release. When the retaining bracket has released allow the spring to gently take up the slack wire.

    WARNING: It is important that this instruction is followed correctly as damage to the cable or loss of pretension could occur.

    Lubricate inside of guide channels, cable latch and all other moving parts. To ensure continued ease of operation lubricate periodically.


    WS021-1 (Cables for 6'6" wide doors)

    Cable Length 1828 mm
    Cable Diameter 1.5 mm


    WS021-2 (Cables for 7'0" - 8'2" wide doors)

    Cable Length 1905 mm
    Cable Diameter 1.5 mm
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