Henderson Pre-Premier Cones & Cables
Henderson Pre-Premier Cones & Cables

Henderson Pre-Premier Cones & Cables

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A pair of Henderson garage door cones and cables to suit all vertically tracked Pre-Premier doors, manufactured before 1992. The door will have a single torsion spring running across the top of the garage door. The cables can be easily identified by the looped end at the bottom of the cable.

Included are two roll pins and a tension crook pin. A 4mm pin punch is required for the removal of the existing cones. If both cables on the door are snapped, the spring will require re-tensioning. If this is the case a re-tensioning kit can be found here. This can also be useful is the spring has lost some tension from wear and tear over the years of use.

Henderson part number: 032016

Note: The colour of cones may differ from originals. The cones are handed left and right as marked on the cone itself.

How can I identify if this is the part I need?

The cables for this type of door can easily be identified by the looped end at the bottom of the cable. This is in opposition to the Premier cones and cables which have a 'stop' end (i.e. a ferrule crimped to the end of the cable). These cables will fit all Henderson Pre-Premier canopy doors, which is all single-width canopy garage doors manufactured pre-1992.

How can I install the new Henderon Pre-Premier cones and cables?

You can find the fitting instructions either by clicking the tab just above with the same name or by clicking here for the PDF version of the same instructions.

If only one door cable has snapped, the remaining cable will be holding the tension in the spring. It is recommended to replace both sides, first replacing the broken cable.

I have some questions, how can I contact you?

There are a few ways you can use to get in touch with us here. The main way most clients decide to contact us is to call in simply at 1704 331 705 during business hours which are 9am-10pm. This allows you a lot of freedom, and our customer service team works around the clock to make sure you are helped out with your queries.

Alternatively you can send a message to our WhatsApp at 07481342447 or email sales@wsgaragedoorspares.com. With both of these methods you can send images which we can use to help you identify the part you need. 

Fitting Instructions

Click the PDF icon to open the printable fitting instructions for Henderson Pre-Premier Cones and Cables. 

Henderson Pre-Premier Cones and Cables 


- The spring may be under tension. Please follow the below instructions carefully to avoid injury.

- Wear protective gloves and eye protection. Two persons may be required for this operation.


BOTH cables must be replaced as the spare cables may be a different length to the originals. If only the broken cable is replaced the door may not operate correctly.

All work is carried out from inside of the garage.


Tools required:
Screwdriver, Hammer, 1/8" dia Punch. Flat Punch, Toggle Bar, 1/4" dia. Note: You will need assistance when replacing and removing the crook pin. In order to ease the spring pressure place a toggle bar (1/4" dia) in the toggle bar hole on the spring plug as shown, and turn it upwards. This will allow you to insert or retract the crook pin.

Removal and Replacement instructions.

Step 1

Remove the door as follows.

- Insert the crook pin into right hand head bracket (see note above)

- Wedge the door in the opening so that it will not move.

- Remove the side jamb channels.

- Remove the head bracket bolts and lower spring assembly down onto the door.

- Lift the door from the opening

Step 2

Remove the spring assembly by withdrawing split pins that retain head and door brackets to arm and disconnect arms. Remove the looped ends of the cables from the roller spindles.


Step 3
Supporting the other end of the spring, carefully drive the hollow pin from one cone using a hammer and a 1/8" diameter punch. The cones are coloured with a L (left)\or R (right) on the cone. To ensure that replacement cones are fitted in the same position, it is essential that both cables emerge from the cones on the same side of the shaft. Therefore change one at a time so that the alignment of the cables is not lost. Drive in hollow pins with a flat punch and hammer taking care not to damage cone threads.


Step 4
Re-fit the spring and then replace the door by following the removal instructions in reverse. Before removing the crook pin ensure that the looped ends of the cable are within the recessed diameter of the roller spindle as shown. NOTE you will need assistance when removing the crook pin. In order to ease the spring pressure place a toggle bar in the spring plug as shown, and turn it upwards. Remove the crook pin at the right hand end of the spring with a screwdriver. Then slowly lower the toggle bar, while ensuring both cables are within the jamb channels and engaged in the cone grooves as shown. Retain the crook pin in a safe place for future maintenance purposes. If all spring tension has been lost, it will be necessary to retension the spring. A retensioning kit is available from this website. In the interest of personal safety fixing should be carried out in strict accordance with details provided.


Cable Length 1397 mm
Cable Diameter 1.5 mm
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